Program, Planning & Education Committee SOPs
This Committee is responsible for development and implementation of the necessary programs and requirements to fulfill the purpose and objectives of the Chapter.  This Committee is also responsible for training and assistance in those areas critical to the well-being of FMS employees.  The committee plans quarterly events for the entire year, conducting seminars and workshops, on financial, education, and health related topics.  Also ensures that the appropriate subject matter experts are contacted to speak at these events.  When soliciting speakers for a program or event, the Committee shall provide the information to the EC with all costs involved in presenting the program before confirming speakers.  Any cancellation of Committee plans after approval from the Executive Committee must be announced to the general membership with an explanation why the program was cancelled.

The Committee is also responsible for reviewing applications for nominations for the Chapterís annual Gloria D. Johnson Award, which recognizes a Chapter member for their outstanding contributions to the Chapter over the previous year.  Based on established criteria, the Committee recommends and submits their selection to the Executive Committee.  If there are four (4) or more nominations, the Committee will recommend the top three (3) to the EC for a vote. 

The Committee participates in Blacks in Governmentís annual Youth Program, Oratorical and Information Superhighway competitions.  This involves solicitation of students from several area high schools.  In addition, Chapter members are canvassed to give them an opportunity to recommend potential participants for the Chapter sponsored oratorical and or information superhighway contests to represent the Chapter at the Region XI competition.

All programs pursued by this Committee must be approved by the Executive Committee and general membership and certified feasible for funding by the Budget and Finance Committee.

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