Public Relations & Communications Committee SOPs
The committee shall be responsible for the development and printing of all published documents of the Chapter and   for all contacts with the media (TV, Radio, Newspaper, etc.) The primary purpose of this committee is to assure public exposure of the Chapter as approved by the Executive Committee and/or membership.  All public statements shall be in accordance with National Policy.

Operating Procedures for Projects:

For each project there will be a chairperson and a co-chair to be responsible for the project being
completed in a timely manner.  The committee will meet and follow the procedures as outlined below.

1.Programs for our Adopted School

A.The Essay Contest for the  Students

Collect essays for review
Set up panel to review essays and make the selections
Obtain certificates for winners
Notify school of winners

B.Luncheon for Teachers
                  Plan the menu
                  Set the time
                  Estimate the cost
                  Determine who will bring what and what will be purchased
                  Determine who will be the lead of project
C.School Supplies Drive
Have a box/bin placed in the corridor near the elevators and a designated member will remove supplies daily and place in the BIG meeting/conference room (PGMC).
Have a box/bin placed in a strategic place at the Liberty Center Building and a designated member will removed the supplies and deliver them to the PGMC daily

At the end of the project supplies are gathered and taken to the school and given school to  officials.

2. Collecting Items/Clothing for the Homeless Shelter
                 Items are sorted for delivery to the Shelter or Shelters (to be determined).
                 Place items in box

3.  Luncheon for Seniors (location to be determined)

                  Follow procedures in #1B
4.  Toy Drive(Designated places to be determined by Committee and membership)   

Follow procedures in #1C.

General Procedures.  

For each project enlist the services of committee members to get one person to take the lead for a given
project to ensure that the necessary things are completed.

Committee chairs should work with the Hospitality Committee on whatís needed for special events.

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