Membership Committee SOPs
Purpose: To develop and implement programs for membership drives, receiving and reviewing applications and any other functions deemed necessary by the Chapter or Executive Committee.   The Membership Committees goal is to obtain new members by at least 5 or more annually.

Membership Drives:

· Contact National to get the National Banner
· Acquire Chapter Banner
· Order membership packages from National
· Make room arrangements/time/date for Membership Drive
· Send out flyers about the Membership Drive, “Join BIG’, quarterly; “Bring A Friend”, twice a year, via global email

Receive and Review New Membership Applications:

· Receive/review applications from new members
· Separate the membership form:
·       White-Put into the Membership Book for the Chapters record
·       Yellow-Fax to National for their update of new members
·       Pink-Give to new member for their record
· Receive New Membership Payment:
·        Make copy of payment-check/cash/money order
·        Give to Treasurer/Assistant Treasurer for deposit
·        Complete disbursement form and letter to National
·        Send to Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer via e-mail
· Update FMS BIG Chapter membership list on FMS server
· Orientation of new Chapter members

Process Monthly BIG Membership Payments:

Send monthly e-mails to BIG Members requesting annual dues payment
· Collect monthly payments, update membership member payment spreadsheet
· Make copy of payments received; check/money orders/cash
· Give payments to Treasurer/Assistant Treasurer for deposit to Chapter's account at the credit union
· Complete disbursement form and membership letter, send to Treasurer

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