Hospitality Committee SOPs
The Hospitality Committee shall purchase and deliver expressions of sympathy, illnesses, congratulations, etc. to members of the Chapter after approval of the Executive Committee.  The Committee is to assist the other committees when necessary.  The Committee is responsible for purchasing necessary food items and setting up for special events and meetings, when appropriate.  Retirees acknowledgment is the call of the Executive Committee..

Death of a BIG Member Family
1. Spouse, Child, Parents, Brother or Sister.  All other family members of the BIG member will receive a card
2. If notified in time of a funeral within the metropolitan area (District of Columbia, Maryland & Virginia) flowers will be  
    sent for the BIG family member as noted in #1 above.
3. Out of town funeral arrangements or notification of a funeral after the fact as noted in #1, shall receive a card and 

Illness of a BIG Member
When a BIG member is out from a serious illness for five consecutive workdays, a get-well card will be sent.

Supplies Inventory
1.Inventory will be taken monthly
2.Supplies will be consolidated at that time and request will be taken to purchase new supplies
3.Each Committee will give the Hospitality Committee advance notice when they are in need of supplies
4.The sponsoring committee is responsible for their supplies, setting up, and cleaning up for events

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