Fundraising Committee SOPs

In order to pay for Chapter Outreach Programs, Health & Financial type Seminars,   Conference Assistance, Scholarship Awards, GDJ Award, Members Recognition Celebrations, etc., 3 or 4 fundraisers are held each year.

In determining the type of fundraisers to have, the following process occurs:

1) The Chairperson surveys the membership.

2) Suggestions received from membership are reviewed and prioritized by Chairperson.

3) List of fundraisers is presented to the EC for discussion and vote.

4) Selections of fundraisers are made for the next year or two, depending on the number of fundraisers presented. 
    Fundraisers should be held every 3 or 4 months, when possible.

5) Depending on the type of fundraiser (i.e. bus trip, hotel/air trip, or a cruise w/air) will determine the type of 
    contacts you make, for example:

A. contact 3 or more bus companies to secure a bus at the best price;
B. contact 3 or more hotels to secure hotel accommodations at the best price;
C. contact different airlines to purchase airline tickets at the best price;
D. contact 3 travel agencies to organize a cruise;
E. contact New York theatre to secure play tickets;
F. contact different restaurants to secure group reservations;

6) Make all necessary contacts; make decisions/selections; sign all contracts with each organization/company.

7) Advertise fundraiser via flyers to as many people as possible (i.e. Blacks in Government, the agency, former trip
    supporters, family & friends). (When possible, provide advance notice (i.e. 5 work days) of the fundraiser to the  
    membership before advertising everywhere else). (Keep in mind that there may be more than one fundraiser 
    going on at the same time in terms of advertising, collecting money and tracking because of the fundraiser 

8) Pay any required deposits; collect and deposit all funds received.

9) Develop spreadsheet to track all participants, deposits and expenses.

10) Pay all final costs/bills

11) Hold Fundraiser, which may require the purchase of refreshments, giveaways, etc.

12) Determine profit (total deposits - total expenses = profit) and let the EC know the outcome and then inform the 
     members at the first available membership meeting.

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