EEO/AA Committee SOPs
The Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action/Legislative Committee is responsible for monitoring and developing programs in conjunction with the Equal Opportunity and Organizational Enhancement Division (EO/OE) to address areas of concerns of Chapter members, including training; promotions; rates of hiring and firing; and distribution of authority and responsibility.  Will coordinate activities with the EO/OE advisor to obtain support and assistance.  Also monitors issues and matters relating to affirmative action.  Represents the Chapterís position at the Region XI and National level on legislation and regulations impacting advancement and employment opportunities for Blacks in government. 

Committee Chair shall keep abreast of current legislation or regulations impacting government employees or retirees.

Committee Chair or representative shall attend monthly or quarterly meetings set by the Region XI EEO Committee Chair to obtain information to share with Chapter members.

Shall be responsible for taking the lead in planning and implementing the Chapterís Black History Month Program in conjunction with the Financial Management Service.  In implementing the program, the EEO/AA/Legislative Committee must comply with the written policy and protocol as set forth by the appropriate FMS Management personnel.

All programs pursued by the EEO/AA/Legislative Committee must be approved by the Executive Committee and general membership and certified feasible by the Budget and Finance Committee.

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