Budget & Finance Committee SOPs
Committee should be responsible in submitting an annual budget. The committee should work with the Fundraising Committee and recommend ways and means to raise funds. This committee should process and report financial matters to the Executive Council and to study monetary requests.

Additional requirements and responsibilities:

1.  Submit annual proposed budget to the Executive Council by the June meeting. The Chairperson shall present   
     the budget for approval to the general membership no later than the July meeting.
2.  There should be no separate budgets among the committees. All monies will be handled by the Treasurer.
3.  To be eligible for the Budget and Finance Chairperson, a person is required to have financial bookkeeping 
4.  Treasurer should submit Treasurerís Report to the Budget and Finance Chairperson before report is circulated 
     to general body. The Treasurerís report is needed to update the budget on a monthly basis.
5.  Budget and Finance Committee should submit a monthly report
6.  Recommend investments

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