Scholarship Committee SOP
The objective of the scholarship committee is “to give financial support to qualifying
individuals who will be attending an institution of higher learning, provided certain criteria and conditions are met”.


The scholarship committee will submit its budget to the Executive Committee for approval annually upon request.

To kick off the annual FMS-BIG Scholarship Program, the Chairperson of the Scholarship Committee shall have a global email sent to all FMS employees, FMS retirees and the Executive Committee (EC), no later than one month prior to the scholarship application deadline of March 15th. This e-mail will run weekly to all FMS employees, FMS retirees, and EC through the second week of March.

Scholarship applications must be post marked on or by March 15th   of any given year and
must be mailed through the U.S. Postal Service to the following address:

   FMS-BIG Chapter
   Scholarship Program
   P.O. Box 1753
   Hyattsville, MD 20788-1753

Members of the Scholarship Committee will be responsible for reviewing all applications to determine eligibility. Consideration will be given to applicants submitting a completed application package.

To be eligible, an applicant must:

·Be a FMS-BIG member in good financial standing
·A family member of a FMS-BIG member or
·An FMS employee

An application is considered to be “complete” if all of the following are included:
·Application form
·A current high school or college transcript (the committee will accept a photocopy as long as the “official stamp” is visible.)
·Letter of Acceptance for high school senior, or Enrollment verification from college, university or technical school for college student. If an applicants acceptance letter or enrollment verification has been delayed, resolution of this issue will be at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee.
·Two (2) letters of recommendation (as stated in the criteria)
·An essay of 350 words or more submitted in typed doubled-spaced format on “Why it is important to attend a college, university, or technical school. Essays received that are not in compliance with this criterion will be at the discretion of the committee.


The date of all interviews shall take place during the Month of April.

The Scholarship Panel will “generally” consist of members of the Scholarship Committee. If there are conflicts with scheduling members to sit on the panel, members of the EC will be solicited.

The Chairperson and the Chapter President will sign the letter(s) of acknowledgment. This letter will also inform the applicant(s) when to come in for the interview.

The Chairperson and/or co-chairperson will be present during the interviews, except when there is a conflict of interest, such as an applicant who is a family member. In the event that any of the committee members have a family member applying, that member  shall not participate in the interview process.


The monetary amount of each recipient will be determined by the committee. This amount will be based on the committees budget and the number of recipients.

The Scholarship Committee Chair will invite the recipient(s) to attend the Scholarship Award Ceremony. The Scholarship Chairperson will formally recognize each of the recipients, at which time the recipients will be allowed to read their essay before the membership.

The Chapters Treasurer shall be responsible for sending the scholarship award to the appropriate institutions.


The menu for the scholarship luncheon will be determined by the scholarship committee.

The Scholarship Committee Chair shall work with the Hospitality Committee on what is
needed for the luncheon.

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