Members Recognition
Gloria D. Johnson's Memorial Award - 2016

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Ms. Neville has been a member of the FMS-BIG Chapter since the Chapter's existence, 2002. As one of the original members, Ms. Neville has always been an active member in the Chapter, is a Life Member, a member in good financial standing, and seldom misses a meeting. She assisted on several committees, i.e., Hospitality, Membership, and FLAG. Her participation on these committees has proven to be a valuable asset to the Chapter.
John Hunter - May 2014
Karyn Dyson - May 2015
In 2005, Ms. Neville volunteered to serve as Membership Chair for the Chapter, which she is currently still serving as Chair. Her continuance to serve as Chair proves her dedication to BIG, as well as, to the Chapter. As Membership Chair, Ms. Neville has provided accurate reports, and maintains an excellent repoire with Region XI's and National's Membership Chair to ensure accuracy for our members. She stays on top of our membership, by contacting members, in advance, about when their National dues are due, either via email or a personal telephone call. Her constant persistency ensures that our members are not removed from the National's roster, as well as the Chapter's roster. She always finds ways to increase our membership. She holds two (2) Membership Drives a year, "Bring A Friend" and the Life Member Drive, which has been successful and resourceful. Ms. Neville knows the "BIG Elevator Speech" very well!!! She knows what BIG can do for you and what you can do for BIG!!!"
Ms. Neville serves on the Hospitality Committee as the Co-Chair. When the Hospitality Chair retired, Ms. Neville resumed her responsibilities without hesitation and her willingness to perform this obligation has been outstanding. She reports the necessity of the supplies and keeps track of refreshments needed for the Chapter.
As a participant of the FLAG Committee, Ms. Neville has provided good solid advice to the students on different aspects of their life, personal and school.
Margie Neville