Chapter History
In August 2001, several members of the Financial Management Service (FMS) Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee (EEOAC) decided to research the possibility of starting a Blacks in Government Chapter in FMS.  These members were Pat Lee, Donna Harper, Ella Watkins, Joann Mackey, and Rochelle Smithson.   In October 2001, the group met with Darlene Young, Regional Director and Rawle King, Regional Council President, and two representatives from the BIG National Office.  At this meeting, they were guided through the process of starting a Chapter.

To begin the process, a memorandum was sent to Commissioner Richard Gregg informing him that the Office of Equal Opportunity & Diversity and the EEOAC were planning to organize a BIG Chapter in FMS Headquarters.  On November 2, 2001, a letter was issued to all Headquarters employees announcing plans to organize a BIG Chapter and to determine employee interest.  As a result of that memorandum, 25 FMS employees joined.

On February 4, 2002, FMS formally organized FMS-BIG Chapter and in May 2002, FMS Chapter was approved for charter.  Our interim officers were:

President - Patricia Lee
Vice President  -  Donna Harper
Former Secretary -  Ella Watkins
Secretary -  Aurelie Laurence
Treasurer -  Joann Mackey
Assistant Treasurer -  Rochelle Smithson

The Chapter was recognized as a new chapter at the August 2002 training conference in Atlanta, GA.  Several members served as delegates and alternates at the Delegates Assembly.  They voted for new national officers, passed resolutions and revised constitutional amendments to benefit all regions within BIG.

First Election

The first election for officers was held in November 2002.  As a result of the revised charter, two additional positions, First Vice President and Correspondence Secretary were added.  On January 22, 2003, Mr. Rawle King, President of Region XI Council gave the oath of office to our new elected officers:

President -  Patricia Lee
Vice President -  Donna Harper
First Vice President -  Dorothy Washington
Secretary -  Aurelie Laurence
Treasurer -  Angie Jones-Perry
Assistant Treasurer -  Rochelle Smithson

The President appointed Deborah Williams as Acting Correspondence Secretary until the next election in November 2003.

Other Presidential Appointments:

Chaplain -  George Fields
Historian -  Linda Allmond
Parliamentarian -  John Hunter

Committee Chairs:

EEO, Affirmative Action and Legislative -  Rose Free
Election -  John Hunter
Finance and Budget -  Joann Mackey
Hospitality and Fundraising -  Cassandra Satterfield
Membership -  Donna Harper
Nominating -  Linda Allmond
Program and Planning -  Deborah Johnson
Public Relations/Communication and Outreach -  Linda Allmond
John Hunter, Dorothy Washington, and Wendell Wallace were the Chapterís regional representatives at the Region XI council meetings
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