Goals & Objectives
Goal No. 1: To be an advocate of equal opportunity and assist in the elimination of discriminatory practices against FMS 

∑         Objective:  Gain management support

          Align with EEO management on joint projects, such as:   Special Emphasis Programs Training on EEO    

Goal No. 2: To be a positive influence for FMS employees and support their interests.

∑         Objective:  Promote awareness of Chapter

          Demonstrate and promote professionalism
          Serve as a role model

Goal No. 3:
To develop programs to promote, provide and enhance educational opportunities for FMS employees.

∑         Objective:  Partner with management and the Union to provide training programs, such as Mentoring

          Developing Resumes
          Interview Techniques

         Provide training to the members on Chapter responsibility
         Provide Leadership training to the members
         Develop and provide to the members orientation training

∑         Objective:  Provide speakers from within and outside to address topics of interest.

Goal No. 4: To establish a mechanism for gathering and disseminating information about BIG to FMS employees.

∑         Objective: Keep the Chapter membership apprised of BIG business and activities at  both the National and 
          Regional levels via:

          Annual Newsletter
          Chapter Website
          Calendar of Events
          Sharing of Information

Goal No. 5: To have fun, while supporting the Chapter and the BIG organization

∑         Objective:  Conduct fundraisers, participate in other Chapterís activities and celebrate Chapterís successes.

∑         Objective:  Create an internal awards program for member's contribution on a annual basis.

∑         Objective:   Work with Community Organizations, providing assistance to various Outreach Programs
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