Public  Speaking Seminar
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Ms. Fulp opened her remarks by telling everyone that public speaking can really be fun.   She gave some very helpful tips on speaking in front of an audience, including researching your topic, organizing your thoughts, creating an appropriate title, practicing eye contact and using vocal variety.

Additional key points presented were repetitive practice of the speech, having it evaluated and critiqued.  How to use the stage and reducing nervousness were also covered in the seminar.

Ms. Fulp engaged the students and each of the attendees in an impromptu speaking exercise whereby everyone was asked to give two words describing themselves using the first letter of their name.   This was a fun exercise as everyone had to think quickly on their feet. 

Kudos to Ms. Fulp for presenting an awesome and enlightening seminar which was a learning experience for the FLAG students, as well as everyone present.
Presented by
Arnita Fulp, President
East-West Toastmasters Club
Fiscal Service (FMS)

On Saturday, December 21, 2013, at our monthly Future Leaders in America’s Government (FLAG) meeting, Arnita Fulp, FMS-BIG Chapter member and President of the East-West Toastmasters Club, presented an outstanding “Public Speaking” seminar.