Etiquette Workshop
Business and Personal
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At our February 23, 2013 FLAG meeting, the students were privileged to be presented with an awesome Etiquette Workshop by FMS-BIG Chapter members Dr. James and Kathy Gray.

Dr. Gray began the “business etiquette” portion of the workshop giving various examples of professionalism in the workplace.  He discussed several critical behaviors that can influence a first impression or impress a potential client.

One of the key business etiquette tips Dr. Gray emphasized was that the physical connection you make when shaking hands can leave a powerful impression. 

In addition, it was pointed out that sending appropriate emails and faxes and using cellphones without disturbing others in the workplace are examples of professional etiquette.

In the second part of the workshop, Kathy Gray’s presentation was focused on “personal etiquette.”   She gave several great examples of personal etiquette do’s and don’ts that would benefit the students.

In an effort to have the students participate in an interactive activity, Mrs. Gray had the students do an exercise in which they were asked to place utensils and a glass where they should be at a table place setting.    After the students completed the exercise and she observed that every student had incorrectly placed the setting, she proceeded to show them the proper way that the place setting should be done.  She then shared with them many other table etiquette tips.
The students really enjoyed the workshop and the parents enjoyed it as well.

Kudos to Dr. James and Kathy Gray for a job well done.