Transitioning from High School to College: Challenges and Difficulties
By Dr. James Gray

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At the January 25, 2014 FLAG Meeting, Dr. James Gray gave a detailed presentation on the challenges and difficulties of transitioning from high school to college. 

Dr. Gray’s presentation included topics on (1) Transition Readiness, (2) Differences in Learning Environments, (3) Transition Strategies, (4) Unrealistic Student Expectations, (5) Student/Faculty Relationships, (6) Parental Handling of the College Transition, and (7) Tips to students on Leaving Home.

Dr. Gray stated that transitioning to college is a family event.  He covered transition readiness which includes high school performance, academic focus, and sense of independence, discipline/responsibility, and college selection process.

Transitioning strategies discussed were taking charge of your education, come to college with a plan, review class syllabus, get to know your instructors, get to know other students, get involved in the campus life, and collaborating with career counselors.

Parental handling of the college transition included patience, encouragement and support, show a measure of trust, keep the communication lines open, expect an emotional department and send-off, and agree on mutual academic expectations.

The students, as well as, the parents enjoyed the presentation which provided valuable information on transitioning from high school to college.