FLAG Resume Writing Seminar
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At the December 22, 2012 FLAG Meeting, a “Resume Writing Seminar” was presented by
Ms. April Brown, a teacher at Riverdale Baptist High School. 

The seminar was outstanding and very well received by the students and the parents as well.  Ms. Brown provided several handouts which she discussed including:

   1) a resume worksheet to be used to help prepare and create a resume,
   2) resume essentials on basic hints for writing a good resume,
   3) types of resumes and letters which covered the type of resume which best fits a specific
       situation or job being applied for, and
   4) an example of a well written cover letter for submission with a resume. 

At the conclusion of the presentation, the students had an opportunity to ask questions.              In addition, several students bought their resumes to the meeting, which Ms. Brown took the time to review and critique.