Standing Committees

Chair: Angelene Jones-Perry

Budget and Finance Committee: This Committee shall be responsible for the financial accountability of the Chapter.  This committee will be responsible for, but not limited to, determining the cost of the Chapter programs and reporting to the general membership the feasibility of implementing these programs. Budget & Finance Committee SOP.

FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE:                                              

Chair:  Cynthia Brady

Fundraising Committee:  This committee shall be responsible for developing and implementing approved plans to raise funds for the GDJ Memorial Award, GDJ Scholarship, Outreach Programs, and other Chapter activities.  Fundraising Committee SOP


Chair:  vacant

EEO/AA Legislative Committee:  This Committee shall be responsible for monitoring and developing programs to address areas of concern (i.e., rate of hiring, firing, promotions, training, etc).  The Committee will also, represent the Chapterís views or position at the Region XI and National level on any legislation and regulations affecting EEO. EEO/AA & Legislative SOP.


Chair:  Margie Neville

Membership Committee:  This Committee shall be responsible for developing and implementing programs to increase membership.  The Committee is also responsible for holding membership drives at least twice a year, receiving, screening and submitting applications to National, and any other functions deemed necessary by the Chapter or Executive Committee relevant to membership.  Membership Committee SOP.


Chair:  Leslie Friday

Scholarship Committee:  This Committee shall be responsible for advertising the program within established time frames.  This Committee is also responsible for receiving and screening all applications and participating in the rating, interviewing, and selection of applicants.  In addition, shall be responsible for setting up the Scholarship Award Ceremony.
Scholarship Committee SOP


Chair:  Sandy Satterfield

Hospitality Committee:  This Committee shall purchase and deliver expressions of sympathy, illnesses, congratulations, etc. to the members and their families after approval of the Executive committee and general membership.  The Committee is also responsible for purchasing necessary food items and supplies, and setting up for special events and meetings, when appropriate. Hospitality Committee SOP.


Chair:  Dorothy Washington

Program, Planning and Education Committee:  This Committee shall be responsible for development and implementation of the necessary programs and requirements to fulfill the purpose and objectives of the Chapter.  This Committee will also be responsible for training and assisting in those areas critical to the well-being of FMS employees.  All programs pursued by this committee must be approved by the Executive Committee and/or general membership and certified feasible by the Budget and Finance Committee. PP&E Committee SOP.


Chair:  Donna Harper

Public Relations and Communication Committee:  This Committee shall be responsible for the development and printing of all published documents of the Chapter and for all contacts with the media (TV, Radio, Newspaper, etc.).  The primary purpose of this committee is to assure public exposure of the Chapter as approved by the Executive Committee and/or membership.  All public statements shall be in accordance with National policies. Public Relation & Communications SOP.


Chair:   Dorothy Washington

By-Laws Committee:  This Committee shall be responsible for maintaining current copies of the by-laws of the Regional XI Council and the National Constitution.  This committee is also responsible for periodically reviewing the Chapter by-laws for conformity with the Regional by-laws and recommending amendments as needed, submitting all coordinated amendments to the membership in writing at least thirty (30) calendar days prior to consideration.  By-Laws SOP.


Chair:   Dorothy Washington

FLAG Committee:   A youth program initiated through Blacks  In Government (BIG) to provide guidance and mentorship to junior high, high school and college students throughout the nation, as well as provide college scholarships annually to build future leaders in Americaís government.  The program is composed of five tiers: Mentorship, Training Academy, Career Training and Education, Pre-Professional Career Opportunities (Internships, and College Scholarships.
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